The hidden future of humanity could doom us all

For over forty-years, a fleet of spacecraft has orbited Earth in secret, the Exoterran fleet hangs, unseen above present day Earth.

Designed and built by Ethan Reid, a native of Scotland, the Exoterran fleet has a hand-picked crew  taken from Earth. Each crew member given the choice to explore the universe for the price of leaving Earth, never to return or communicate with loved ones again. Self sufficient and covert, this huge fleet has seen more than anyone on Earth can dream of.

So many years into the safe and peaceful exploration of the stars, events will unfold beyond Fleet Admiral Reid's control, driving the Exoterrans, and humanity as a whole, in to a war which none may survive... 

Relative Horizon is the first book in the Earth Reforged series, an adult sci-fi epic. This first book sets the stage for an explosive story of bravery, fear, hope and tragedy, set in a world you know and a universe that you don't... yet.

An excerpt from Relative Horizon

“Here we go,” said Marcus,”Prepare to cut thrust on my mark.”

Novak opened her comm to Engineering, “Get ready Chief, we’re coming up on the target now.”

“We’re ready, Captain” came the reassuring reply.

“Cut thrust in, three… two… one…” said Marcus, his focus on his screen.

“All stop” said Gallagher, as Novak felt herself pushed forward into her straps.

The enemy ship filled the screen completely now, it hadn’t moved or reacted to their approach at all.

“Missiles away” said Marcus, the excitement clear in his voice. Pressing two controls on his console he unleashed the missiles. Two almost simultaneous thumps confirming their release.

“Starting the drive now, Captain” said Fischer, instantly disconnecting the call to focus on his work.

On screen, the two missiles streaked into view, rocketing toward their target. The drive coming online altered the enemy ship as expected, its engines flaring to life as it pulled hard to port. Too late, too late, thought Novak, watching as the missile found their target.

Relative Horizon will be available soon…