The war between good and evil must end... 

For thousands of years the war between angels and demons has raged on earth. Away from the eyes of humans, the angels of heaven have hunted down and slaughtered the demons where ever they found them.

A divine genocide.

As the war reaches its end game, a single human will be thrust into battle armed with knowledge which will give victory to oneside and doom to the other. Unbeknownst to her, Elouise holds the keys to the secrets deep in The Walls of Tartarus...

The Walls of Tartarus is an adult, urban fantasy novel set in the world around us. Following a group on a desperate race against time and those who persue them. The Walls of Tartarus is face paced, intense tale of bravery, hope and the lengths we’ll go to inorder to protect the things we love. 

An excerpt from The Walls of Tartarus:

The Walls of Tartarus will be the first of a two book sequence, coming soon. 

Elouise spun as she saw movement from the corner of her eye. From the door beside her Valerie walked into the room, her long coat flowing out behind her. “See? I told you. They’re good for dinner. Maybe as a pet. But you don’t want to be trying to reason with them.” She said to Nick, turning to look at Elouise, a smug smile on her face. Stretching out her hand, she moved towards Elouise who turned the gun from Nick onto the advancing woman. “Come on, put it down. Literally the only thing you can do with that is hurt yourself. So, let’s not… “

Elouise pulled the trigger on reflex, a single shot. From this range she couldn’t miss. Didn’t miss. Even though she screwed up her eyes she still saw the shot hit Valerie in the chest. The other woman didn’t move. Her cocky smile faded but not in pain or shock, just annoyance. Looking down she raised a hand and touched the hole in her chest.

“Oh, oh I am sorry, it just went off.” The words tumbled from her lips as El moved towards the stricken woman.

Valerie slowly turned her head to look at Nick, cocking her head to one side. “You see? This is what I mean. You let them do their thing and suddenly they ruin a perfectly good shirt.”

Looking back to her, Valerie moved fast. So fast. Snatching the gun from Elouise’s hand, throwing it across the room and lifting her off the floor by her throat in a single movement. The grip on El’s throat like steel as she gagged, struggling against the suffocating grip.

Valerie showed no sign of effort as she held the other woman aloft, watching El struggle and claw at the fingers around her throat.

The Walls of Tartarus by SA Thurtle
The Walls of Tartarus by SA Thurtle